Unless you don’t care about branding and believe your product or service will sell itself, you need a short, easy to remember brand name. Once you decided on a brand name, then you need a matching domain name address for your business online.

Some domain names cost more than others. Just like real estate, the prices varies based on many factors such as length, keyword, how easy it is to type, the popularity of the name, and how much user traffic it attracts. Very often the price was set based on demand.

Short, easy to spell, easy to pronounce names are popular because they are easy to remember, easy to find, easy to type, easy to search on Google, and easy to trademark.

Dictionary words based names are also popular because they are memorable, relatable to the products or services. Sometimes one word or two words names are naturally associated to call-to-actions and make the brand stand out in consumers mind. But the downside of dictionary names may be harder to trademark.

.Com names are popular because it was one of the original top level extensions alone with .net and .org. Most people assumes the brands have .com domain names. Today there are hundreds of top level extensions such as .app, .company, and even .xyz. But .coms are still the most popular and most people still habitually type .com after a brand name when looking up products or services.

Many of the short, memorable domain names are highly prized and most likely taken by companies or domain entrepreneurs, rarely are they available at registration prices. Many names are taken by corporations or individuals as part of their long term branding strategy or placeholder for products and services in development. Google is known to own over 16,000 domain names, while Microsoft owns more than 63,000 domain names. Mike Mann’s DomainMarkets.com is knows to own more than 1 million domain names.

Many years ago I started collecting domain names for my startup projects. While many of my domain names have developed into full websites, quite a few interested parties have offered good prices and acquired good domain names from me. Many of them are still in use today.

Domain names are often bought and sold via brokerage services such as GoDaddy, Sedo, Afternic. Often companies choose to contact me directly to get best pricing on the domain names. Brokerage companies usually charge a high commissions, some as high as 30%, to handle all the buying and entire process of transferring domain names between registrars. Savvy buyers handles the process themselves to avoid high brokerage fees. Just like real estate transactions, online escrow services has lower service fees compared to brokerage services, while still provide buyers and sellers a safe and easy to use environment to complete the transactions.

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Here is a partial list of my domain name portfolio. Please use the contact form if you are interested or have any questions.