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How To Register A Domain Name

May 2nd, 2024

Your website isn’t complete until it has a domain name. In real life, that would be akin to owning a home without an address. While people would still be able to come over, they would have a hard time locating your house. This means, one of the first things...

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Embracing On-Chain Domains for a Safer Internet

May 2nd, 2024

From the humble beginnings of ARPANET to the birth of the internet as we know it today, domain registrars have been the silent architects of our online activity. Now, as we stand on the cusp of the Web3 revolution, domains are set to undergo yet another profound transformation.


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10 Best Web Hosting Services Of 2024 – Forbes Advisor

April 12th, 2024

There are several different types of web hosting available. While there may be a tendency to favor the cheapest option, depending on your needs, this can lead to problems down the road. For this reason, it’s important to look not just at cost but customer service, security, speed...

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Man gets $486k judgment against Rob Monster and Epik Inc over stolen domain – Domain Name Wire

April 11th, 2024

Monster never responded to the lawsuit, and a California court issued a default judgment.

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