So What Is This All About?

First of all, Are these domain name for sale?  Maybe..

I have acquired many domain names long time ago and over the years because I was tired of typing long, hard to spell names.  So I decided to hand register, purchased domain names that feel I could use.  I started to use domain names for websites, blogs, projects and web applications.  Many have only a landing page, some do not have public facing websites, some were parked.

Yes, I’m a domainer.  I buy domain names, hold them, when I get good offers, I sell them.  Because I get inquiries about my domain names everyday,  I decided to put up this website and a form here so I don’t have to answer the same questions over and over.

Second, please don’t tell me that you really want the domain name but don’t have the money, whether because you  are a student or because it was for a hobby.  I don’t care and it is not my problem.  I’m not in the charity business.

I go to work everyday just like everyone else.  If you are looking for a lucky break in domaining, please look somewhere else.

Third, do your research on domain name prices and values before you make me an offer.  Short and unique names are popular for brands and tech startups.  I’m not going to sell the a short domain name to you for $100 if I bought it 10 years ago for $200.  I may already had an offer for 5 figures and turned it down.  I probably made more money than your offer from AdSense or affiliate marketing just last year.

With all that said, everything has a price.  I’m willing to sell the domain names for the “right offers”.

Have a good day.

p.s.  Here are some reference articles about domain names and values.

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